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About Us

Mission Statement

Mount Carmel Academy’s (MCA) mission is to develop well-educated and responsible students by offering a college preparatory academic program in a moral environment. MCA fosters excellence, discipline, sacrifice, and service to our fellow man. MCA believes in cultivating critical thinkers to be the leaders and world changers of the next generation.

MCA will live out this mission by helping each student:
 Complete a college preparatory high school education
 Foster personal relationships with others
 Think critically, judge intelligently, and weigh moral values
 Become a responsible, law-abiding citizen
 Learn the importance of providing service to others
 Develop leadership skills
 Respect self and all life
MCA welcomes students from all economic and social backgrounds and is proud of its diverse
student body.


MCA’s objectives are:
 To provide a college preparatory education based on each student’s individual goals and
 To provide opportunities for every student to achieve academic success
 To create a community atmosphere that honors human dignity in all school activities
 To assist students in planning their academic programs in order to pursue career goals
 To present opportunities that give each student the chance to grow intellectually and
become a life-long learner
 To enable students to develop a positive self-image as a person who is respected,
recognized, and accepted by others
 To sponsor extracurricular activities that cultivate the talents of our students
 To serve others through community service projects